CountyOne ®

CountyOne is Avenity’s Revenue Management suite

CountyOne contains two applications: RevenueOne and CashOne.  Together, they provide the tax processing and cashiering functionality required by Virginia’s Directors of Finance, Treasurers, and Commissioners of the Revenue.




RevenueOne: Virginia’s Best Revenue Management System

RevenueOne is our revenue management system designed and developed specifically for localities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.   In addition to handling all of the basic tax processing functions, RevenueOne provides many advanced features not found in any other system in the Virginia market today.  These features include: taxpayer centric approach to nine Virginia tax types; a common user interface across tax types; integrated workflow; a full collections module; support for audits; a complete history and audit trail; an integrated accounting sub-ledger; a user-friendly custom reporting tool; automated valuation using common data sources (NADA, Vessel Valuation, etc.); configurable payment plans; multi-district support for Real Estate lighting, sewer, and other special-purpose districts.  All of these features are tied together with business-savvy workflow and automating wizards to make RevenueOne the most powerful and easiest-to-use system in Virginia.

RevenueOne is different—it is the next generation of tax processing

Working with RevenueOne is different than other systems in the market today.   RevenueOne understands the business needs of Finance Directors, Commissioners of the Revenue, and Treasurers, and helps users across offices improve productivity, improve effectiveness, and promote inter-office collaboration to maximize the locality’s revenues.  For example, a change in Situs for a vehicle requires one step: tell RevenueOne about the change.  RevenueOne will then handle the rest of the business process through adjustment, abatement, or supplemental billing, and any other related processing.

CashOne: Our Customizable Cashiering System

CashOne is our cashiering system built for localities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Like RevenueOne, CashOne is designed to integrate with the application infrastructures that are prevalent throughout the Commonwealth. In addition to seamless integration with RevenueOne, CashOne can unite all County-specific payments including utilities, parking tickets, and miscellaneous fees.  CashOne handles payment processing, balancing, reporting, reconciliation, and deposits.