RevenueOne Technical Overview

Technical Overview

To maximize scalability and security, RevenueOne® was created with a multi-tiered architecture. The main modules Client, Server, Network, and Database all work together to handle your locality’s business needs.

Client Component

The client component is the window into the locality’s business. Within a standard Windows application, this component allows employees to handle all of the locality’s business processes from start to finish.

Server Component

The server component is the central processing location for all business logic. By ensuring that all transactions go through the server component, RevenueOne® provides maximum security for sensitive data.

Network Component

The network component is the glue that holds the other modules together. The client and server communicate the network layer, which uses Web Services, an industry standard, or Microsoft .NET Remoting, a proprietary solution.

Database Component

The database component houses all of the business data that is stored by RevenueOne®.


RevenueOne® was built from the ground up and utilizes the very latest of Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft .NET Framework

The Microsoft .NET Framework is the standard for any Windows application. The Client, Server, and Networking Components of RevenueOne® are all underlain by the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Microsoft SQL Server and Reporting Services

A Microsoft SQL Server database persists all of the data that passes through RevenueOne®. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is used to create and display reports and correspondence.