RevenueOne Express


A Streamlined Tax Processing Option for Virginia Localities

RevenueOneExpress is designed for the small and mid-sized localities of Virginia.  It is based on RevenueOne, our flagship revenue management system for Virginia’s Commissioners of the Revenue, Treasurers, and Finance Directors.

Do More With Less

RevenueOneExpress will help you work smarter and more efficiently. With RevenueOneExpress, you’ll be able to provide your taxpayers with high-quality service even while you’re cutting back on costs.

Streamlined Implementation

RevenueOneExpress is easy to install and configure. You’ll be up and running more quickly and less expensively than with any other system.

Price Within Reach

RevenueOneExpress is affordable, and there are two payment options: You can pay as you go with no long-term commitment; or pay a little up front and lower the annual payment amount.


Features Include:

  • Integrated Assessment and Billing
  • Return Processing
  • Rapid Forms Data Entry
  • Tax Roll Processing
  • Integrated Taxpayer View and Search
  • Modern Taxpayer Self Service

  • Integrated Custom Reporting Module
  • Custom Letter templates
  • Configurable Billing Statements
  • Delinquency Policies and Collections
  • Integrated Enforcement

RevenueOneExpress Fits In

RevenueOneExpress is designed to fit in your environment.  It has standard interfaces for your Financial and CAMA systems, as well as built in interfaces for NADA, third party payers, Official Payments, and print vendors.

RevenueOneExpress Grows with Virginia Localities

RevenueOne is getting better all the time.  Avenity continues to invest in enhancing the system, adding more functionality and refinements.  Each RevenueOne client also enhances the system, and teaches it new business rules and processes.  Often, these improvements are migrated to the baseline product and shared with all of our Virginia clients.  Every new client benefits from and contributes to the continual improvement and evolution of RevenueOne.

Tax Types

RevenueOneExpress supports the following tax types:

  • Real Estate
  • Personal Property
  • Business Tangible Property
  • Business License
  • Admissions
  • Meals
  • Short-term Rental
  • Transient Occupancy/Lodging
  • Bank Franchise
  • Public Service Corporation
  • Dog License
  • State Estimated
  • Consumer Utility
  • Consumption


CashOne is our cashiering system built for localities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Like RevenueOne, CashOne is designed to integrate with the application infrastructures that are prevalent throughout the Commonwealth. In addition to seamless integration with RevenueOne, CashOne can unite all County-specific payments including utilities, parking tickets, and miscellaneous fees.  CashOne handles payment processing, balancing, reporting, reconciliation, and deposits.