Why Avenity?

Avenity takes the efficiency and speed of the private sector to the public, and the thorough analyses and rigor of the public sector to the private

Avenity, Inc. was founded in 2003 to provide consulting, software project management, and development services. Our goal at Avenity is to provide solutions that allow our clients to adapt to changing business requirements and needs.

Avenity’s success stems from the strength of our capabilities, our dedication to forming long-lasting partnerships with our clients, and the depth of directly applicable experience we bring to each project.

analysts and technical experts

Extensive Public Sector Experience

Avenity’s analysts and technical experts implement innovative, integrated tax processing systems for state and local governments. Primary strengths in the public sector are integrated tax and revenue systems, which include tax processing, revenue management, compliance, enforcement, audit, and reporting.

depth and experience

Seasoned Professionals with Decades of Experience

Avenity is staffed with seasoned professionals who bring depth of experience, highly effective methods, and excellent technical skills to our company. The staff at Avenity has first-hand experience developing and implementing revenue management and tax systems including modules for business license, business tangible property, real estate tax, personal property tax, cashiering and payment receipting, billing, audit and accounting.

innovative solutions

Seeks out new partners

Avenity has seasoned professionals with experience across multiple industries. From our headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, Avenity’s experts have implemented innovative technical solutions at the federal, state, and local level in addition to serving multiple commercial clients including: