A Revenue Management System Designed for Commissioners of the Revenue, Treasurers, and Finance Directors

In 2005, Avenity began the design and development of RevenueOne®, our tax revenue system for Virginia localities.  From our Northern Virginia headquarters, we designed and built RevenueOne from the ground up to serve Virginia’s counties and cities. We based RevenueOne on Title §58.1 of the Virginia Code. We met with over twenty localities.  Finance Directors, Commissioners, and Treasurers graciously gave us days of their time to design and subsequently refine RevenueOne.  We understood from the outset that no single out-of-the-box solution would satisfy Virginia localities – so we built RevenueOne to be customized, and to grow.


RevenueOne provides value from Day One

RevenueOne is taxpayer-centric, providing one place to address all of your taxpayers’ needs. RevenueOne provides a rich interface for easy, all-day use. RevenueOne automatically handles complex business processes which increases efficiency and reduces training time for new staff.

RevenueOne is designed to fit in your environment. It has standard interfaces for your Financial and CAMA systems, as well as built in interfaces for DMV, NADA, VEC, SODC, mortgage service companies, payment files, and print vendors. 

RevenueOne is flexible by design. We understand that localities are not alike in the way they do business. To support these differences, RevenueOne is highly configurable and is built to handle changes in legislation and the many variations in tax processing. Furthermore, we designed RevenueOne to work with localities of all sizes. RevenueOne is highly extensible to meet the needs of both small and large localities throughout the state.

RevenueOne is getting better all the time. Avenity continues to invest in enhancing the system, adding more functionality and refinements. Each RevenueOne client also enhances the system, and teaches it new business rules and processes. Often, these improvements are migrated to the baseline product and shared with all of our Virginia clients. Every new client benefits from and contributes to the continual improvement and evolution of RevenueOne.


RevenueOne meets the needs of Virginia localities

tax types

Our features include the following

RevenueOne® is a taxpayer-centric Revenue Management Solution that provides full tax processing including the assessment, billing, and collection of: